A few days after posting saying I was still going to Tokyo despite the earthquake, I quickly realized that a trip to Japan right now would not really be appropriate or worthwhile.  With rolling blackouts throughout Japan and the looming nuclear threat at the Fukushima plant, there are much better times to visit the land of the rising sun.  Maybe next spring, maybe this summer.  We’ll see.

I depart for Beijing tomorrow on my adjusted American Airlines ticket.  Once I come back from China in June, I’ll have enough AA miles for nearly 3 complete roundtrips to Europe, 2 roundtrips to anywhere else in the world, or a roundtrip business class ticket to Europe and Latin America!  Anyway, I bought a VPN for my use in the PRC, which essentially acts as an encrypted tunnel that sends my data to and from servers in Hong Kong and Korea.  Despite the Great Firewall of China, World continues!

See you in Beijing.

Instead of spending a week in Japan, I'm now flying right to Beijing via Chicago-O'Hare on American's (horribly inconvenient) flight 187, leaving at 9:00 PM Mon and arriving 11:30 PM Tues.

My Chinese visa with the personal data blocked out

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