The Sun Also Rises

Officially confirmed – making a pitstop in Japan for a week before continuing on to Beijing and mainland PRC for 3 months.

Goals for Tokyo:

  • get lost on subway
  • take pictures of shiny lights
  • eat sushi on one of those carousel things
  • get sick of sushi and vow never to eat it again
  • view Mt. Fuji from Lake Yamanaka
  • sleep on a yatami mat on the floor
  • sleep in an 8′ x 2′ x 2′ room
  • shinkansen bullet train to Kyoto
  • Tsujukiji Fish Market fo’ sho’
  • Imperial Palace and Asakusa and Ueno (pagodas and stuff)
  • take more pictures of Japanese signs that probably mean something incredibly mundane like “street cleaning”
  • karaoke with presumed new friends while making sure they pick up the Ichiban bill
  • bow continuously
  • pretend to love J-pop but secretly idolize K-pop
  • sake in little ceramic vials
  • eat more sushi

Also, a side note that I’m sure very few people care about.  I’m flying into Tokyo-Narita, Japan’s main international gateway, via Dallas/Ft. Worth, which is so far from central Tokyo.  However, I was able to get on to Japan Airlines 23 leaving from Tokyo-Haneda, the busiest, mostly-domestic airport in Japan, when I leave the country for the People’s Republic.

Anyway, sorry for all the minutia.  World is on break for about 2 months until East Asia.  See you then.

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5 Responses to The Sun Also Rises

  1. can you get something kawaii for me in japan. hahahaha 😛

  2. i feel like you should expand your blog to more than just a travel blog~~~ just sayin’

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