High Street Kensington

The Tower Bridge…one of London’s most iconic landmarks.  On a chilly, stormy day, Paul and I ventured to this site, also shared by the medieval Tower of London.  We climbed into the Tower and across its majestic elevated footpath.  As the rain splattered against the window panes, the whole of London was visible, framed by an angry sky.

Afterwards, we explored the south side of the River Thames, passing by the modern City Hall.  Docked on the riverbank is the HMS Belfast, the cruiser is now a permanent museum ship.  The ship suffered heavy damage when it hit a German magnetic mine but after it returned back to service as arguably the most powerful ship in the world at the time.  However, the war ended almost immediately afterwards, so the ship was changed to protecting convoys through the Arctic Ocean.

Anyway, the pictures tell the story better.

The Tower of London

We didn't go in the Tower, but viewed it from the outside before scaling the Tower Bridge

The side of the Tower of London. A tour group was watching performers launch medieval weapons at a target.

The Tower of London with the Tower Bridge on the side

Walking towards Tower Bridge with a stormy sky in the background

One of the massive towers in the eponymous bridge

Me on the Tower Bridge

Intricate iron designs on the bridge trusses

A silly street name

The neighborhood to the south of the bridge

A clearer view of the bridge

Me in front of the Tower Bridge

A view of downtown London with the north edge of the bridge on the left side

London City Hall

The HMS Belfast. We went on and toured the Royal Navy's most famous battleship

The HMS Belfast's turrets

A side view of the ship

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