Ay Ay Eilat

The beginning of the massive trip to Petra…A small group of us planned a very extensive trip to Jordan to see the new world wonder, the rose-red Nabateean city of Petra in southwestern Jordan.  After ~10 hours of meticulous planning and calling, we were finally ready to witness one of the world’s greatest sites.

Out first night was in Eilat, roughly 5 hour bus ride from Jerusalem.  Eilat, Israel’s port on its southern Red Sea coast, has a sort of Las Vegas, 1950s Miami Beach feel.  Amid art deco facades drowned in green light, huge hotels arose from the desert sands.  The Hilton, Club Med, the Radission, the Crowne Plaza…you name it, and Eilat has it.  Loads of international tourists give Eilat a very fun and young atmosphere; even at midnight, the boardwalk was filled with adults and children waiting for roller coasters, pursuing local coral wares, and relaxing on couches against the warm breezes of the Red Sea.

From Eilat, you can see Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia, as all 4 countries occupy this narrow part of water.  Eilat gets less than 50mm of rain a year, and the one day we decide to spend there, it rains.  Not ideal, but we still got some great snorkeling time.

Anyway, the pictures say a lot more…

Carnival rides like this were all over the Eilat boardwalk

A bottleneck on the boardwalk, full of local wares and local juices and foods

Buying a lemonade snowcone for ₪5 ($1.25)

Israeli salad breakfast on Friday morning

A cloudy (and then rainy) day in Eilat - a very rare site

Eilat has several nonstop flights to European capitals, inclduing many to Moscow, hence all the Russian

The Red Sea contains the northernmost coral reef in the world. The Israeli national park of Coral Beach, where we went snorkeling, is extremely well-preserved.

Clouds can't stop divers from experience the world class diving the Red Sea has to offer

The Jordanian port of Aqaba as viewed from Eilat. The flag pole is 48 stories high and is the second-largest in the world.

After hundreds of kilometers of desert, Eilat is full of people seeking water sports. We were going to try kitesurfing, but decided against it due to time constraints.

Beautiful cerulean water of the Red Sea


The Underwater Marine Observatory

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  1. jml says:

    unbelievable commentary!!!! I feel like I’m reading a story in the magazine, AFAR!!!

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