K. Marx in the Desert

This past weekend, a group of us went to the Arava Institute, an environmental school, located on Kibbutz Ketura in the very south of Israel in the Negev Desert.  While the lectures at the Institute were decent, the main attraction was experiencing kibbutz lifestyle.  A kibbutz is a collective, socialistic community that in the past were essential to the solidification of the State of Israel, providing agricultural resources and mental stamina in remote parts of the country.  This kibbutz still operates on the old model – all work is aimed toward the collective good of kibbutz, though people do get small stipends.  However, this stipend is very small and everyone makes the same amount (the janitor makes the same as the financial administrator).  In return, they get housing, meals, and the benefit of an incredibly tight-knit community.  If, for example, you got very sick, you wouldn’t have to worry about any of the bills, as entrance into the kibbutz means that you are part of a community where everyone works toward everyone else’s benefit.  No one locks their bikes and communal animals are fed by different people each night.

Anyway, the few pictures I took…

Driving through the West Bank. This sign leads to one of three border crossings with Jordan.

Hiking the first day at Kibbutz Ketura. The green patch in the background is the kibbutz and mountains in the back are in Jordan.

Another view on our almost-three-hour hike in the Negev (the desert that consumes the southern half of Israel)

It looks pretty rugged, but the hotel we stayed at the kibbutz was pretty nice.

There were lots of animals on Kibbutz Ketura

Bad goat!

A blurry picture of the sun setting over the Negev. Even though it's blurry, I still like the orange clouds right above the mountains on the right side of the picture.

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4 Responses to K. Marx in the Desert

  1. jml says:

    Were there many “little” dogs @ the kibbutz like Yone? Love the sign pics!

  2. zlain says:

    Yes, there were several little dogs but also many big dogs. Some were in muzzles because they did not follow the rules.

  3. jmu says:

    any little Jack Russsells?????? any Buffys?????

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