Sewers + Caves + Last Supper = ?

Quick post for now.

Today we went on a tour of the ancient city.  Not the famous Old City, but the less-known ancient city.  I went and examined current archeological dig sites where David’s palace is thought to be.  Interestingly, Jerusalem was a cultic place even before the Israelites.  An archaeologist showed us depressions made in stone that was carved up to 5000 years ago.

Later, we went into a partially underwater maze system that provided water for the City of David.  Really cool, we were shown a stone cave, nestled in between current Arab housing, that is thought to be the actual site of the Last Supper.

And now the pictures…

  1. Going VERY deep into the ground, exploring the ancient piping
  2. Old sewer that perhaps David came up to conquer the city
  3. Arab neighborhood surrounding the ancient city
  4. That gnarly-looking stone structure is thought to be the site of the Last Supper
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1 Response to Sewers + Caves + Last Supper = ?

  1. aztecaud says:

    Hello Zach,

    Very impressive and professional blog. What a great experience! Just yesterday i watched a show on David on the History channel. They showed the water pipes he and his army probably used to enter the city. Also, his potential tomb, either in Jerusalum or the city of David. (I guess it’s not known?) Have you been to Tel Aviv? I’ve heard it’s very nice, like a US beach destination. You’re in the middle of REAL history, i’m glad you appreciate and are soaking in the experiance. Do you ever watch the “Naked Archaeologist”?-love that guy. He was in Israel on yesterday’s show. Keep it up, i’m living vicariously with you.
    -Uncle Mark

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