Shuq Shuq

*Trying a new layout of putting the pictures first rather than the text*

A group of us went to the main shuq (outdoor market typical in the Middle East) in East Jerusalem today.  This is exactly what I thought of, pre-trip, when someone mentions Jerusalem.  Hijab-adorned women and kippah-wearing men mingle lazily along the outer edges of the market.  Inside, it’s reminiscent of a circus.  People yell (mainly in Hebrew, though Arabic and some English were heard, too), children run between people chasing plastic toys, and a burly Jewish man chops bloody fish heads to sell to and elderly Muslim woman.  Jerusalem is turning out to be a city of contrasts, yet the city still functions, maybe because it has to.  The city is like a rusty cog – if you had to check a box on whether or not it works, you would choose yes, but it staggers, struggling for a future undefined.

Anyway, enough of that.  The general breakdown of the pictures (I realize now putting the text first might have been a better idea):

  1. Walking to the shuq in East Jerusalem
  2. Stores like this lined the outside the market.  Fruit (especially dates and strawberries) was really inexpensive.
  3. A little bread store selling phenomenal (thank you Roger for enriching me your vocab) pastries for 1 NIS (about 30 US cents)
  4. Entrance to the shuq
  5. Everyone loves chocolate
  6. Narrow streets curve and bend with people buying and selling local wares
  7. Hello ceiling
  8. Hello person
  9. Narrow, narrow streets
  10. Rep your city, yo, even in the Holy Land
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5 Responses to Shuq Shuq

  1. Zach: What great pictures! What an exciting trip. The Castagna’s look forward to following your travels and taking in what we can from your photos and journal. Travel safely and we look forward to hearing all about it first hand upon your return.

    Best regards,

    Charles Castagna

  2. Yonne says:

    Are there little dogs @ the shuq?

  3. jml says:

    great pics…i feel like i’m there! you’re right – that 1st picture could have been any cosmopolitan city; not what i thought of Jerusalem!

  4. Gretchen Post says:

    Oh my gosh… you are making me so homesick, hearing you describe your first days and looking at the photos. REALLY enjoying them… you have to go to Akko (the old Crusader city), you’d love it. When you’re in Tel Aviv, check out the Shuk Ha’Carmel and Nachalat Binyamin…I’m interested to hear what you think about the two cities and their differences. Shabbat shalom.

  5. archibald says:

    yes i gave you one star (that’s for your fb hate).

    but in all seriousness, pretty awesome—i mean that last picture of course. all the other stuff is pretty cool too, i guess.

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