First day in the lion’s den

Not much time, but a quick rundown of the pictures and some basic thoughts.  Jerusalem…wow.  I always thought of Jerusalem as some ugly city serving a backdrop for Wolf Blitzer or Brian Williams or Barbara Walters when they came to report to on some escalting violence of whatnot.

Wow, was I wrong.  Downtown Jerusalem, with the exception of the omnipresent Israeli flags, could easily be mistaken for a European capital.  Perfectly manicured palm and date trees line shady corridors.  Old Jewish men sip Turkish coffee underneath the shadow of huge stately buildings.

These pictures are not of downtown, but where I am in East Jerusalem is incredibly well-manicured.  That is one thing I noticed right away about Israel – the country is very clean and neat.  People actually stop and pick up a piece of trash if it misses the trash can (can you imagine someone on Chicago and Michigan doing that?) and the roads are all smooth and recently marked.

Anyway, brief breakdown of the pictures.

  1. I live in a more isolated building at Hebrew University (HU), but I have an amazing view of Temple Mount.
  2. Cool sign.  Mt. Scopus is the hill that HU is built on.
  3. An inner square at HU.
  4. Very multicultural café at the Rothberg International School at HU.  At any given time, there are people from at least 70 different countries studying at HU.
  5. Cool sign, I guess.
  6. Another cool (?) sign at the tennis court.  On the way to the gym (apparently they do have a pool, but the sexes are sometimes split) to get a gym membership.
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2 Responses to First day in the lion’s den

  1. JP says:

    Zach! These are awesome pictures. Mish you already.

  2. A.B. says:

    Looking good, my friend. I will be keeping tabs on you via your blog while you’re gone. Know that I’m reading.

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